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    Entries Closed for Rip'NRide X 2017

    Here we are. Tonight sees the very last entry to Yamaha Cronulla Rip’N Ride X. This year is a three day event to celebrate the finale.

    A bit of information for you before entering tonight…

    There will be 2 different entry forms, general entries and International entries. Please only choose the International entry if you live outside Australia.

    When filling out the entry form please complete all required segments fully. TBA will not be accepted. Please have your licence, jet ski and personal details at hand when completing the form.

    There are options within the form to purchase this years exclusive Hats, and Hoodies. (Each rider receives a complementary T-shirt with their entry).

    In addition there is also an option to purchase and extra Super jet/prize-pool ticket.

    First to enter and pay also wins an early pick at the prize table!

    Tonight 9pm AEST entries will go online on ozfreeride.com main page. Links from other social media pages will follow.

    The first 100 entries to pay in full will receive a ticket in the ever popular prize pool and Super Jet draw.

    Looking forward to seeing you in Cronulla.

    To become a supporter of RNRX please email info@ozfreeride.com
    Sponsorship proposals will go out from tomorrow...
    When you see this image that means you have successfully entered

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Discussion in 'News' started by butch, Aug 1, 2017.

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