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    12901238_203299573379678_8416032495737260355_o.jpg Sunshine Coast Freeride
    Featuring: The King of Freeride
    6th -7th May, 2016
    Alexandra Headlands Beach

    This is a Freeride event, to develop, encourage and strengthen the sport within the community. Sunshine Coast Freeride will also incorporate a competition element called ‘KING OF FREERIDE’!
    ‘King of Freeride’ takes a fresh approach to Freeride events and levels out the playing field for all participants; from rookies to Professionals. The idea behind the format is to enable a new rider to the industry the ability to receive recognition, while at the same time, competing against highly skilled riders, with the chance of ultimately taking home a major prize and being crowned king!

    Too enter Click on this link
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Discussion in 'News' started by butch, Apr 5, 2016.

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