Round 1 of IFWA confirmed @ Surf Slam OZ

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By butch on Feb 2, 2015 at 9:22 AM
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    Surf Slam Poster w IFWA announcement.jpg Hello Ozfreeride family,
    Thank you all for the positive comments and likes on my previous post for the 2015 Surf Slam.
    In that post I mentioned that the finer details of the event were still to be organised.
    Over the last week, the SS management team have been working around the clock to lock in what I can only describe as a dream come true.

    It is with great pleasure that I announce that the 2015 Surf Slam will host round 1 of the IFWA World Tour.
    Adding the IWFA World tour to the event creates a draw card and will capture the attention of the World's best riders including Pierre MaixentMark Gomez Bruno Jacob Jake Bright Mick Anthony Mitchell Young Nick Barton Brandon Lawlor to name a few.
    This will see the event extended from a two day event as originally posted to include Thursday the 19th in addition to Friday 20th and Saturday 21st of March.
    We will have three days of action packed freeride with qualifying beginning on Thursday through to the finals on Saturday. Prize giving will then be held on Saturday night at the Bluff Bar in the Alex Surf Club.
    Over the next few weeks, I will flood Facebook, ozfreeride and the SCJSC web site with the finer details of the event that will include information about accommodation, airports, classes, entry fees etc.
    You can check out my previous post at:
    I look forward to seeing you all there as this will be an event like no other and one that shouldn't be missed.
    Get excited.
    Jason Barry
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Discussion in 'News' started by butch, Feb 2, 2015.

    1. 701dave
      I love 3 day events. Should be off its tits.
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    2. jetskijase
      Many have asked about the format for this years event and if including the IFWA will limit their chance of social riding.
      This years event will be very similar to last year. There will be a large riding area split into two boxes. The first box (l/hand side) will be for social/freeriding with group of 8 - 10 riders at a time for approx 10 - 15 minutes. The second box will be for those who are competing with 2 riders showcasing their skills to the judges over a timed period. I am very conscious that many riders want the option of being able to social ride only, compete only or for some riders both. Many of the riders commentated after last years event (2 days only) that they were worn out and had ridden more over the last 48 hours than the last year.   Please do not let the inclusion of the IWFA prevent you from entering this years event. I am sure many will agree that we always cater for all levels of riding ability, ensure that there is plenty of ride time and therefore value for your money.
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    3. jetskijase
    4. jetskijase
      Hey all, Please find attached the updated Surf Slam poster. A massive thank you to Andrew Donovan aka Skip for this amazing picture. Please note that we have added an extra day (Thursday the 19th), and the the first round of the IFWA World Tour

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    5. jetskijase
      Hello Freestylers,
      After long consideration, many sleepless nights and an endless number of new grey hairs popping up, I can now confirm the structure of this year’s event.

      You will have the option to enter 3 days of Freeride for $200.00.
      Numbers for the event will be limited to 100 riders.

      You will then have the option to enter the first round of the IFWA tour. Entry to the IFWA Competition will be an extra $50.00.

      I will post at 9am tomorrow morning all the information, rules, regulations and scoring details of the IFWA so you make an informed decision to enter.
      Numbers for the IFWA will be limited to 64 riders only.

      Entry forms will go online, on the front page of at 6.00pm EST tomorrow night.
      I have chosen this time as I am aware many people how commitments including riding early on a Sunday morning and I am trying to avoid a week day.

      Once you have completed the entry, you will receive an email notification that you are entered and it will outline the steps to make your direct deposit for payment.

      If you have any questions please let me know.
      Cheers Jason Barry 0404 755 051

    6. jetskijase
      Hello All,
      This year the Surf Slam Oz brings you round 1 of the IFWA World Tour, once again adding the option of competitive riding to the event and the chance to gain valuable World Championship points.

      By conducting qualifying, then head to head heats, riders are eliminated in a series of rounds until the final, where the winner is decided. IFWA tour points are allocated and carried forward to the next rounds in Europe and North America.

      The IFWA format allows for 2 classes only: stand-up and runabout.
      **There are NO separate classes for rookies / pros / veterans etc. **

      To gain entry to the IFWA, riders will be able to choose the option on the entry form. This will require payment of the IFWA license fee, additional to your Surf Slam entry fee. If you do not wish to compete in the IFWA, no extra fee is required.

      Thursday the 19th sees all entered riders pass through a qualifying round, followed by the elimination rounds.

      In accordance with the rules set out on the IFWA website, the top 8 ranking IFWA riders attending from 2014 do not need to qualify and entry is guaranteed (for both classes).

      If you are eliminated in round 1, you will not proceed in the IFWA competition. This means you only ride twice in the IFWA as the knockout phase starts immediately. (note: exception for last chance qualifiers.)

      See further rules here.

      Entry in the IFWA is capped to 64 Riders in standup and 16 Riders in Runabout. As such, entries will be accepted on a first-in basis. Entries will only be confirmed was payment is received. Unpaid entries will be passed to the next rider.

      Once again, riding in the IFWA is optional, however there is no other competition being run at the 2015 Surf Slam.

      All aspects of the IFWA event fall under the rules of the IFWA. Please note that all qualifiers need to be an affiliated member of the IFWA to participate in the World titles. To find out more, head to

      If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.
      Jason Barry

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