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    Rip'N Ride 9 OCTOBER 21st-22nd. We have moved the event back a month in the aim of attaining warmer weather with longer daylight hours (daylight savings) more media coverage and hopes of a more prominent location.
    Entries will go online Monday 6th June 9pm AEST and will be capped once again @100. Previous years have sold out in under 7 minutes. If you are an International rider and you are super keen to be apart of RNR9 please email me ASAP at info@ozfreeride.com as we are limiting those spots to 20 riders. Major sponsors will be able to reserve & nominate a number of their team riders depending on their sponsorship packages for pre entry. On Monday June 6th at precisely 9pm AEST entry forms for all CURRENT REGISTERED MEMBERS of NSWFA, QFWA, VICFA, SCJSC and also including States and Countries who do not have a freeride club or association ( i.e.:- TAS, SA, WA, NZ etc ) can enter. Please contact your state freeride association if you have any queries about your membership status. At 9.30pm this entry form will be removed and replaced with a non member entry form for any positions that remain. Please remember, we are not in this to make money. If it wasn't for the clubs and their members that promote our sport, events like this would not be possible and our intention is to support the people that support us.For all the Rookies out there who are reading this and thinking I don't have the skills or riding ability to enter this event, think again.... the Rip'N Ride originated from a BBQ on the beach to get all levels of riders to socialise and learn from each other in a relaxed social atmosphere. Apart from more entrants, better location, increased spectators and a fantastic pool of sponsors with some of the best prizes up for grabs.... nothing has changed. We encourage the newest of riders to join us for a weekend of action and interaction from all aspects of free riding.Entry fee will be $250.00 AUD, so in the mean time, get your memberships up to date. Lists will be sent through from all clubs and associations on Sunday 5th June, advising current members. Entrants will be confirmed in order based on a completed entry form AND money received. Positions will not be held for those who enter without payment. In addition, monies paid will NOT be refunded to a rider seeking to withdraw from the event. A confirmed entry cannot be transferred to another rider. That position will be forfeited and offered to the next person on the wait list. DO NOT ENTER IF YOU ARE UNSURE YOU CAN ATTEND. For sponsorship proposals email:- info@ozfreeride.com for more info on the event go to www.ripnride.com

    Club Contacts
    NSWFA Butch Pfrengle 0414 544 141 info@ozfreeride.com
    SSCJSC Joanna Kristoffersen president@scjsc.com
    QFWA Daniel Moloney Stylin_tiling@hotmail.com
    VICFA Luke Mifsud 0407 689 909 lukemifsud@live.com
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Discussion in 'News' started by butch, May 23, 2016.

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      Final Call for International riders to reserve their place in this epic event. For the riders that live in freeride club areas such as Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Sydney, and Greater Melbourne you need to pay/renew your club memberships. For Club Members and anyone else not in a Club area go to ozfreeride.com Monday June 6th @ 9PM AEST to enter and become apart of this years Rip'N Ride. Entries are capped @ 100 for your pleasure.... To become a Sponsor email info@ozfreeride.com
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      This is what the entry form will look like. Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 1.55.41 PM.png

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