PWC License Fees.

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    This will eventually flow on to most states if allowed to pass in NSW.
    It also increases event costs, stops new riders and limits the sport. so get onto it.


    Thanks to AUTOSPORT for posting.

    Unhappy about NSW Licence and registration costs left over from Bob Carr's hatred of the PWC community? You have until the 19th of December to have your say. Everyone please submit a response, You can use the below as a guide, however personalise it where possible to give your say more credibility and add anything you feel is missing from the below. It is as simple to make a submission as sending an email. details below. Regarding the proposal that PWC fees be set at twice the level of fees for a general boat licence, that is, $114 for one year, $304 for three years and $476 for five years. This would result in a saving of over $50 on a one and three year licence, and over $100 on a five year licence. - PWC licence costs should be similar and in line to that of a boating licence and similar to those in other states of Australia - It does not make Sense a PWC user has higher licence and registration costs, yet has access to less water ways than a boat (ie: no access to Sydney harbor and other limited areas) - Expensive Licensing costs only encourages people to navigate a PWC unlicenced - Licence costs should be brought in line with other States within Australia. NSW - PWC Licnece = $179.00pa QLD - PWC Licence = $96.20 (Life Licence) Vic - PWC Licence = $38.30 pa - A NSW PWC owner pays $364 per year more than a boat user to gain access to the water ways (400% more). this is an alarming statistic that requires immediate attention. It is clear the current PWC licence and registration costs in NSW does not reflect the administrative cost difference on the RMS to licence these users as compared to a boat user. NSW PWC user pays 300% more than a boat user for his licence NSW PWC user pays 500% more than a boat in registration costs. this cannot be justified The question that needs to be addressed in order to justify the outcomes of this review is: What value is a (law abiding) NSW PWC owner receiving in return for higher licence and registration costs How is the RMS addressing unlicenced and unregistered use of PWC's as a result of the excessive licencing and registration costs of ownership in NSW.
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Discussion in 'News' started by Player1, Dec 5, 2014.

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