Pre 08 Trim Kit 61X

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    Aug 4, 2012
    If you own a Blaster or pre 08 SJ or any hull running a non trim exit nozzle [61x] and you wanted to have trim but wobbled at the knees on the price, then the answer is here. The new trim kit for this exit nozzle comes complete with everything you need. Right down to the steer cable extender if you are running stock throw cables.
    This system has by far the most trim and steering throw, comes with your choice of coloured Freeride Compression nozzle, the absolute best trim cable ever produced,[ will fit down the OEM pump tunnel tubes] all highly polished Stainless Steel Trim ring with built in ZERO bleed out shields, trim lever, SS adaptor ring [ converts 61x to a 62T style exit] and all SS bushes and mounting hardware.
    These kits are now ready to ship at the intro price of $549.00 plus freight. Visit the 701 store and get you beast the best Trim System ever to be built. .
    Blaster trim kit 180.jpg compression nozzle colours.jpg

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