Krash Footrocket x-scream 900 fresh motor

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    Jan 20, 2011
    Have decided to sell my footrocket complete. Due to priorities elsewhere at the moment and work commitments I haven't got any time to use it.
    Engine was fully rebuilt 4hrs ago.
    "Consider trade for cheaper late model SJ + cash adjustment."


    -xscream 865 fully rebuilt and bored to 900 due to new piston availability
    -New crankshaft
    -New pistons
    -46mm mikunis
    -Factory Bpipe
    -Atp waterbox
    -Billet front cover


    -Solas 12vein 144
    -Thrust trim system
    -Oem shafts
    -Stainless liner


    -Stock electrics
    -Msd enhancer
    -New battery


    -RRP billet pole
    -RRP micro steering
    -RRP bars
    -Odi grips
    -RRP pole bracket
    -Cold fusion battery cage
    -Cold fusion internal fuel fill and tank
    -New turf
    -New paint(4hrs water time) Fluro orange"not dull orange as it seems in the photo's"
    -RRP adjustable ninja footwell system
    -Carbon chin pad
    -2 x ride plates(short + long)
    -Bilge and switch + scupper

    I'm sure I've forgotten something but you get the idea all good gear on this ski.

    Location northside brisbane QLD.


    Ph: 0407293816

    2016-11-22 17.53.09.jpg 2016-11-22 17.52.59.jpg 2016-11-22 17.53.19.jpg 2016-11-22 17.53.31.jpg 2016-11-22 17.54.02 HDR.jpg 2016-11-22 17.54.18.jpg 2016-11-22 17.57.48.jpg
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    Jan 20, 2011
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    Jun 10, 2015
    Still for sale??

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