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    Hello Ozfreeride family,
    I hope you all made it through Australia day and your heads are not hurting too much.

    It’s that time of year again and with great excitement, I would like to announce the 2015 Surf Slam.

    This year’s event will be returning to Alexandra Beach in the heart of the Sunshine Coast on Friday and Saturday March 20th and 21st.

    This year’s event promises to be bigger and better than we have seen before and could possibly be Australia's premier event for 2015.

    The finer details of the event are yet to be finalised, but this announcement will give you a chance to take time off work, start packing your bags, earning some brownie points with the missus, and book your accommodation.

    We have the Council, MSQ and the Alex Surf Club permits submitted and approved and we have secured a $5000.00 advertising deal with the local radio station to help promote the event.

    This year’s event will include Freestyle and Competition Jet Skiing, and aims to also include BMX, Skateboarding and Motocross demonstrations, creating an event like no other.

    We have put a lot of focus into the event site with consideration to the sponsors, spectators, local accommodation, safe and secure parking, food, alcohol and the after-party.
    Alex Beach offers you the ability to park in secure parking prior to the event, walk to the event from your room, get award-winning food, alcohol, and attend the after party in less than 100 metres - no need to drive until you head home at the end of the weekend.

    This event has been designed with the riders, sponsors and spectators in mind, but we have found that we have created a family event and environment over the last three Surf Slam events. With all the facilities within a short walking distance from the event site, it allows riders to head off early in the morning followed by their family at a more realistic time.

    We have approached the same accommodation providers as last year as they are located directly opposite the beach.
    I have a meeting booked tomorrow morning with The Breakfree Alexandra Headland Resort to discuss room availability and pricing and the Mandolin Resort has again stepped up to the plate offering discounted prices. Both resorts offer full accommodation facilities including 1, 2 and 3 bedroom options, pools, spas and air conditioning.

    The event is penciled in for the Friday and Saturday but we have gone one step further this year by arranging permits for Thursday and Sunday as back up in case of poor weather or surf.

    We will have the usual competitions including Biggest Air, Sickest Trick and Cherry Popper and of course, the famous Freestyle race, the Dash for Cash.

    On Saturday night, we will hold the after party and prize giving in the Bluff Bar at the Alex Surf Club. This will give you all the chance to reflect on the weekend’s riding, receive your prizes and show off on the dance floor.

    We will be capping entries to ensure we have a controllable event and plenty of ride time for all riders. Entries will go live on February the 8th and be closed from March the 1st. Entries will only be confirmed once we have received your payment.

    There is plenty of information to come over the next few weeks. This will include the classes, entry pricing, pricing for accommodation, secure parking information, list of events and other details.

    Please feel free to contact a member of the 2015 Surf Slam Oz team for any further inquires.

    Jason Barry
    Jetskijase on ozfreeride.com
    0404 755 051

    Matt O’Connor
    SC_Matt_blaster on ozfreeride.com
    0439 794 732

    2015 Surf Slam Poster 4.jpg IMG_1423.JPG IMG_1423.JPG IMG_1421.JPG IMG_1420.JPG
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Discussion in 'News' started by jetskijase, Jan 27, 2015.

    1. Superjetjas
    2. 701dave
      Ha Jase, is this also a Krash round?
    3. jetskijase
      Hello Dave,
      The finer details of the event are yet to be finalised, but we are working hard behind the scenes on a few options. Once we have confirmed the details I will release them ASAP so everyone knows. :) Jase
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    4. jetskijase
      Hello Ozfreeride family,
      Thank you all for the positive comments and likes on my previous post for the 2015 Surf Slam.
      In that post I mentioned that the finer details of the event were still to be organised.
      Over the last week, the SS management team have been working around the clock to lock in what I can only describe as a dream come true.

      It is with great pleasure that I announce that the 2015 Surf Slam will host round 1 of the IFWA World Tour.
      Adding the IWFA World tour to the event creates a draw card and will capture the attention of the World's best riders including Pierre MaixentMark Gomez Bruno Jacob Jake Bright Mick Anthony Mitchell Young Nick Barton Brandon Lawlor to name a few.
      This will see the event extended from a two day event as originally posted to include Thursday the 19th in addition to Friday 20th and Saturday 21st of March.
      We will have three days of action packed freeride with qualifying beginning on Thursday through to the finals on Saturday. Prize giving will then be held on Saturday night at the Bluff Bar in the Alex Surf Club.
      Over the next few weeks, I will flood Facebook, ozfreeride and the SCJSC web site with the finer details of the event that will include information about accommodation, airports, classes, entry fees etc.
      You can check out my previous post at:https://www.facebook.com/groups/351140654466/permalink/10153036318489467/?pnref=story
      I look forward to seeing you all there as this will be an event like no other and one that shouldn't be missed.
      Get excited.
      Jason Barry

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    5. jetskijase
      Hey all, Please find attached the updated Surf Slam poster. A massive thank you to Andrew Donovan aka Skip for this amazing picture. Please note that we have added an extra day (Thursday the 19th), and the the first round of the IFWA World Tour

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    6. jetskijase
      Hello Freestylers,
      After long consideration, many sleepless nights and an endless number of new grey hairs popping up, I can now confirm the structure of this year’s event.

      You will have the option to enter 3 days of Freeride for $200.00.
      Numbers for the event will be limited to 100 riders.

      You will then have the option to enter the first round of the IFWA tour. Entry to the IFWA Competition will be an extra $50.00.

      I will post at 9am tomorrow morning all the information, rules, regulations and scoring details of the IFWA so you make an informed decision to enter.
      Numbers for the IFWA will be limited to 64 riders only.

      Entry forms will go online, on the front page of ozfreeride.com at 6.00pm EST tomorrow night.
      I have chosen this time as I am aware many people how commitments including riding early on a Sunday morning and I am trying to avoid a week day.

      Once you have completed the entry, you will receive an email notification that you are entered and it will outline the steps to make your direct deposit for payment.

      If you have any questions please let me know.
      Cheers Jason Barry 0404 755 051
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    7. jetskijase
      Hello All,
      This year the Surf Slam Oz brings you round 1 of the IFWA World Tour, once again adding the option of competitive riding to the event and the chance to gain valuable World Championship points.

      By conducting qualifying, then head to head heats, riders are eliminated in a series of rounds until the final, where the winner is decided. IFWA tour points are allocated and carried forward to the next rounds in Europe and North America.

      The IFWA format allows for 2 classes only: stand-up and runabout.
      **There are NO separate classes for rookies / pros / veterans etc. **

      To gain entry to the IFWA, riders will be able to choose the option on the entry form. This will require payment of the IFWA license fee, additional to your Surf Slam entry fee. If you do not wish to compete in the IFWA, no extra fee is required.

      Thursday the 19th sees all entered riders pass through a qualifying round, followed by the elimination rounds.

      In accordance with the rules set out on the IFWA website, the top 8 ranking IFWA riders attending from 2014 do not need to qualify and entry is guaranteed (for both classes).

      If you are eliminated in round 1, you will not proceed in the IFWA competition. This means you only ride twice in the IFWA as the knockout phase starts immediately. (note: exception for last chance qualifiers.)

      See further rules here.

      Entry in the IFWA is capped to 64 Riders in standup and 16 Riders in Runabout. As such, entries will be accepted on a first-in basis. Entries will only be confirmed was payment is received. Unpaid entries will be passed to the next rider.

      Once again, riding in the IFWA is optional, however there is no other competition being run at the 2015 Surf Slam.

      All aspects of the IFWA event fall under the rules of the IFWA. Please note that all qualifiers need to be an affiliated member of the IFWA to participate in the World titles. To find out more, head to http://www.ifwa.com.br/

      If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.
      Jason Barry
    8. jetskijase
      Hello All,
      Please follow this link for an updated Riders 'entered' and 'paid' list.
      If your name does not appear or your payment is not showing please email or call me.
      Please remember that your entry is not confirmed without payment being received.
      Any payments received after the 1st of March will attract an additional late fee. Entries and payments will not be accepted after the 15th of March unless prior arrangement is made with the SS management. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ESxkFWZQrY2CkJ1dB0Qpeh0qlZ-JRyamclsh25yXGxc/edit?usp=sharing
    9. jetskijase
      This morning Surf Slam management released the Sponsorship Proposal for this years event.
      For those that we did no have an email address for please follow the link:https://drive.google.com/…/0B89SpZlDK-dVMUxaVFlXZXVDZ…/view…

      For those that are looking to sponsor an individual competition please follow the link: https://drive.google.com/…/0B89SpZlDK-dVTzU0LUk3d19sa…/view…

      If you require any further information and/or have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

      Regards Jason Barry
      0404 755 051
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    10. jetskijase
      Hello ladies and gentleman, with only 9 sleeps left until this years event I hope you are all getting excited, ready, packed, buying cans of talent from Woolworths and having your first PT session on Friday to get fit as this years event is shaping up to be a barnstormer!!
      We have some massive announcements coming over the next few days in regards to the sponsorship of this years event and with 93 confirmed riders this will be the biggest Surf Slam yet. smile emoticon
      The last 7 entries are selling out fast so if you are not locked in, get your skates on as you wont want to be THAT guy who is sitting on the beach watching. Please keep your payments coming through via the direct debit as there will be a Jason Barry tax added to any of those wanting to pay on the day.
      Please check out the updated entry form by following this link:https://docs.google.com/…/1ESxkFWZQrY2CkJ1dB0Qpeh0qlZ-…/edit
    11. jetskijase

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    12. jetskijase
      I have updated the rider list as of 12.00pm on the 11/03/2015.
      We have a confirmed number of 91 riders and there is still more than one week to go!!!! Well done and thanks.

      Just to clarify for those that have asked,
      A single * in the 'Surf Slam Paid' column identifies that you have entered the AJSP Surf Slam and payment has been received.
      A * in the IFWA column identifies that you have entered round one of the IFWA and payment has been received.
      For those that are unhappy and want to know why some riders have 2 **, this identifies the international riders.
      If you name does not appear or is not showing payment please call or email me @ vp@scjsc.com. Please do not message me on FB.
      Please follow this link for the updated list: https://docs.google.com/…/1ESxkFWZQrY2CkJ1dB0Qpeh0qlZ-…/edit
    13. jetskijase
      A massive shout out to all the sponsors for the AJSP Surf Slam. I list of names gives me the inspiration to work night and day to make this the best event in 2015!!!

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    14. jetskijase
      Morning all, this time next week the Surf Slam will be done for another year and we will all be supporting sore bodies, broken skis and a hangover. :)
      But that's this time next week and we are not there yet. There is plenty of riding, crashing and shenanigans yet to be had so let's focus on the NOW!!!!!!!
      Check out the following teaser video by Antoine Mortoire from Be Prod.
      I can honestly say it has given me goose bumps and I am shaking with excitement as it has made this sh#‪#‎t‬ real!!
      That's right, the 2015 AJSP Surf Slam is only 4 sleeps away.
    15. jetskijase
      Hello all,
      Its Surf Slam time, the sun is out and the surf is up so get your best clothes on, do your hair and quit your job as you dont want to miss this event.
      As many people are beginning their travel to the Sunshine Coast for this year's event I wanted to wish you all luck for a safe trip.
      Please keep in mind that there is three days of riding so if there is a granny on the road in front of you, take a breath, wind up the windows, and blast Shane Holder & Ben Dayman favorite song on the radio:
      Please follow this link for all of the AJSP Surf Slam event information: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1xi85EWaFE-4SpgVOh90hgJpZladaE0O_m3xa8UgsQT0/edit?usp=sharing
    16. jetskijase
      JETPILOT uploaded a new video.
      Jetpilot’s Freeride Team took a clean sweep at Stop 1 of the IFWA World Tour at Surf Slam #4 on the Sunshine Coast, Australia.

      Despite the small waves and northerly breeze, Pierre Maxient managed to take his tricks bigger an cleaner than anyone else earning him 1st Place. Not far behind was Jetpilot local rider Brodie Copp who went trick for trick with 7 time world champion in a gruelling final showdown. Mark Gomez managed to keep busy in the small waves and take third place in a battle against Abraham Ho.

      IFWA Stop One
      1. Pierre Maxient
      2. Brodie Copp
      3. Mark Gomez
      4. Abraham Ho

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