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The WaveRunner Performance Centre Racing Team has proved its racing performance yet again at rounds 3 & 4 of the Yamaha Australian JetCross Championships last weekend, winning both Pro-Stock class races and snapping up numerous trophies in the other classes.

• Dominating the Pro-Stock Runabout Class, the Yamaha FZS SVHO ridden by #16 Mitch Wayt impressed all, taking the win in both race rounds. Teammate #71 Brett Douglas proved his pace on his 2014 FZS SVHO taking an impressive 4th place in round 3 and 3rd in round 4.
#476 Shane Stuart an 8-time Australian Jet-Cross Champion, switched from SeaDoo to a Yamaha FZS SVHO to make his 2015 racing debut for the Yamaha Racing Team on a FZS SVHO. Despite flying in from the USA on Saturday afternoon and consequently missing the round 3 race, and this being his first time racing at the helm of the FZS, Shane took a hotly contested 2nd place in Round 4 of the Pro-Stock Runabout; a sensational first-race result.

• The Yamaha FZS SVHO proved its pace again in the Pro-Stock Enduro Class, with #16 Mitch Wayt winning both races and #71 Brett Douglas earning 3rd place in both races.

• #17 James Rice battled hard for his podium finish in the Showroom-Stock Class, placing 3rd in both round 3 and 4 races. #93 Jacob Packer had a difficult weekend on his older model FZS SHO in the Showroom-Stock Class, placing 5th in round 3, and then failing to finish round 4.

• After suffering driveability issues on his highly-tuned FZS, #43 Matt Brunt took to the Pro-Open Class grid on a Pro-Stock tuned 2014 FZS SVHO. Despite the significant power disadvantage against the highly-modified competition, Matt Brunt was able to finish 5th in both rounds 3 and 4.

The WaveRunner Performance Centre Racing Team’s domination in Pro-Stock runabout and Pro-Stock Enduro earns them valuable points and further extends their lead in the 2015 Yamaha Australian JetCross Championship. With the team’s addition of 8-time Aussie...
Victoria, it's your turn. In association with Victorian Freeride Association. The 3rd 701 Social Day is coming your way.

Great Location good times and the IFWA were impressed
Hello Ozfreeride family,
Thank you all for the positive comments and likes on my previous post for the 2015 Surf Slam.
In that post I mentioned that the finer details of the event were still to be organised.
Over the last week, the SS management team have been working around the clock to lock in what I can only describe as a dream come true.

It is with great pleasure that I announce that the 2015 Surf Slam will host round 1 of the IFWA World Tour.
Adding the IWFA World tour to the event creates a draw card and will capture the attention of the World's best riders including Pierre MaixentMark Gomez Bruno Jacob Jake Bright Mick Anthony Mitchell Young Nick Barton Brandon Lawlor to name a few.
This will see the event extended from a two day event as originally posted to include Thursday the 19th in addition to Friday 20th and Saturday 21st of March.
We will have three days of action packed freeride with qualifying beginning on Thursday through to the finals on Saturday. Prize giving will then be held on Saturday night at the Bluff Bar in the Alex Surf Club.
Over the next few weeks, I will flood Facebook, ozfreeride and the SCJSC web site with the finer details of the event that will include information about...

Less weight and more power is the High Performance philosophy behind the all-new VXR.

The original VX18R was renowned amongst performance enthusiast riders as the pinacle of all non-supercharged performance watercraft. The all-new VXR continues to wear that crown with enhanced performance, versatility and efficiency due to the all-new hull, features and RiDE control system.
Designed from the keel upwards to deliver a "New Type of High Performance", featuring an newly-redesigned race-performance inspired hull with edgy looks, electric trim technology and Yamaha's exclusive RiDE dual throttle control system.The new deeper V-shape NanoXcel hull delivers responsive and exciting handling in varying conditions, which is precision matched with Yamaha's big torque, 1.8 litre naturaally aspirated High Output Marine engine, allowing the VXR to accelerate from 0-50kph in 1.8 seconds*.
Athletic and ready for action, the VXR delivers class-leading fuel-economy and the best overall value on the water for a High Performance watercraft craft.
- See more at: http://www.yamaha-motor.com.au/prom...type-of-high-performance#sthash.kImPSIlg.dpuf
Hello Ozfreeride family,
I hope you all made it through Australia day and your heads are not hurting too much.

It’s that time of year again and with great excitement, I would like to announce the 2015 Surf Slam.

This year’s event will be returning to Alexandra Beach in the heart of the Sunshine Coast on Friday and Saturday March 20th and 21st.

This year’s event promises to be bigger and better than we have seen before and could possibly be Australia's premier event for 2015.

The finer details of the event are yet to be finalised, but this announcement will give you a chance to take time off work, start packing your bags, earning some brownie points with the missus, and book your accommodation.

We have the Council, MSQ and the Alex Surf Club permits submitted and approved and we have secured a $5000.00 advertising deal with the local radio station to help promote the event.

This year’s event will include Freestyle and Competition Jet Skiing, and aims to also include BMX, Skateboarding and Motocross demonstrations, creating an event like no other.

We have put a lot of focus into the event site with consideration to the sponsors, spectators, local accommodation, safe and secure parking, food, alcohol and the after-party.
Alex Beach offers you the ability to park in secure parking prior to the event, walk to the event from your room, get award-winning food, alcohol, and attend the after party in less than 100 metres - no need to drive until you head home at the end of the weekend.

This event has been designed with the riders, sponsors and spectators in mind, but we have found that we have created a family event and environment over the last three Surf Slam events. With all the facilities within a short walking distance from the event site, it allows riders to head off early in the morning followed by their family at a more realistic time.

We have approached the same accommodation providers as last year as they are located directly opposite the...
Big Happy Birthday to Butch. Turning 4-0 today.

He is the Godfather of Freeride, a man who brought a whole nation of freerider's together and then extended that connection to New Zealand, Tahiti, The USA, Italy and Brazil. He continues to share the freeride spirit, with France next on the cards for a Rip n Ride style event.

As other events spun off around the country Butch was there to help for nothing but his love of the sport and to ensure they went ahead, confirming the industry would have a bright future. He is selfless in his constant work promoting and growing freeride. For what little to no money there is, he has done some wonders. In the face of jetski negativity, he has created a positive aura for the sport, getting it on on TV and shard to millions around the world online. He has created more friendships amongst strangers than he will ever know through his work on Ozfreeride.

As a rider, he can rip it up with the best of them. now at 40, still able to go big and crazy.

We look forward to another decade of the BUTCH! The GUNTHER! the GODFATHER.

Ozfreeride / Rip N Ride / Flip Challenges and more.

Happy Birthday From the Community.
This will eventually flow on to most states if allowed to pass in NSW.
It also increases event costs, stops new riders and limits the sport. so get onto it.


Thanks to AUTOSPORT for posting.

Unhappy about NSW Licence and registration costs left over from Bob Carr's hatred of the PWC community? You have until the 19th of December to have your say. Everyone please submit a response, You can use the below as a guide, however personalise it where possible to give your say more credibility and add anything you feel is missing from the below. It is as simple to make a submission as sending an email. details below. http://www.transport.nsw.gov.au/mmc/review-nsw-boat-driver-licensing Regarding the proposal that PWC fees be set at twice the level of fees for a general boat licence, that is, $114 for one year, $304 for three years and $476 for five years. This would result in a saving of over $50 on a one and three year licence, and over $100 on a five year licence. - PWC licence costs should be similar and in line to that of a boating licence and similar to those in other states of Australia - It does not make Sense a PWC user has higher licence and registration costs, yet has access to less water ways than a boat (ie: no access to Sydney harbor and other limited areas) - Expensive Licensing costs only encourages people to navigate a PWC unlicenced - Licence costs should be brought in line with other States within Australia. NSW - PWC Licnece = $179.00pa QLD - PWC Licence = $96.20 (Life Licence) Vic - PWC Licence = $38.30 pa - A NSW PWC owner pays $364 per year more than a boat user to gain access to the water ways (400% more). this is an alarming statistic that requires immediate attention. It is clear the current PWC licence and registration costs in NSW does not reflect the administrative cost difference on the RMS to licence these users as compared to a boat user. NSW PWC user pays 300%...